Wash Bay Mobile Column Lifts - Specification Sheet

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A flexible solution for wash bay lifting!

The UK’s first dedicated mobile column lift for external wash bay use from TotalKare is a flexible and cost effective alternative to galvanised four post lifts.

Expertly designed to ensure trouble-free use in outdoor/wash bay conditions, the G8AC is hot galvanised with sealed bearings to provide long term protection from water ingress, making the lift ideal for outside use.

Like other mobile column lifts from TotalKare, the G8AC is versatile and can be configured as a set of 4, 6, or 8 lifts to suit a range of lifting requirements, with adjustable forks to accommodate the lifting of a wide range of wheel diameters.

TotalKare’s G8AC mobile column lifts require no installation or ground preparation work before use and can also be used indoors - a complete lifting solution!

Need more technical information? Download the specification sheet today.